We can answer a single question,

advise your team, or run a program.

Just give us a call. 

We tailor support to fit your team. 

Our approach enables rapid response

to meet your timelines, all the time; 

but only when you need us.

We love to get fired.

It means you've been successful,

and progressed to where you no longer need us. 


Why don't you list your Associates or post CVs?

Clients trust us to understand their situation and save time and effort by bringing the best options to them.  CVs are useful but the best consultants are too busy to constantly update their CV with what can be decades of project experience. Our network is large and growing, so even if you didn't see what you were looking for, chances are we have an expert in what you need.  Part of our growth in capability has come from leveraging our network to find the exact resource that a client needed that we did not yet have.  Its part of why clients keep coming back for support. 

Where are your Advisor-Associates located?

Our Advisor-Associates are located throughout the US and in the UK, Europe, China, India, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.  Our office is in Princeton, NJ.  We invite our clients to visit and use our conference room, wifi and two coffee machines when in the area.

Can your Advisors be on-site?

We often involve an Advisor that is local to enable on-site work or meetings as needed.  We have also helped clients to successfully run "virtually" including organization of datarooms and helping clients change their approach as their team grows.   We have clients who worked with an Advisor-Associate for 10 years before meeting face to fance.   Because of their experience, our Advisors understand when and how they need to communicate proactively.   We can support which ever makes the most sense for you.

How Do You Structure Your Engagements?  

We can work in the manner that best suites your situation.  There are no minimum fees or minimum size of projects.  Professional fees are on an hourly basis.  Becuase of our experience, we are often able to estimate budgets, even for development-stage projects where the required effort may not be clear.  We understand how many of what resources it takes to run a certain part of a program or to write a section of a regulatory document.  We make it easy to add and remove consultants and our clients like having one bill, one point of contact, and one contract to worry about. 

What If I Don't Want an "Engagement" 

We don't need a scoped "engagement" to be a resource at your fingertips, if you need us.  We would look forward to exploring what you are working towards,  and being ready in the future if you do need us.